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“Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy and upcoming birth!”

“There are truly no words to describe how blessed I feel to have been apart of so many births and to have met so many wonderful people. I can honestly say that when I am in the presence of a birth, the world, even if it’s for a moment, feels like a perfect place.
I would be honored to take your “birth journey”  with you.”





All births are powerful rights of passages for both the parent and the infant.

Doulas help parents consciously cross over the threshold while being aware of the options and being empowered to make informed choices along the way.  Birth occurs best when these rights of passage are honoured and supported without the cascading impact of unnecessary medical interventions that are to common in practices today.

Doulas support women in listening to and trusting their bodies through this momentous, emotional, and spiritual experience.

Doulas work with breathing and positioning techniques to move through the experience of labour as naturally as possible and support the healthiest of deliveries.